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Frequently Asked Questions....

Q - How does the tax credit work?


A - It's as simple as 1, 2, 3!

     1.  How much is my liability to the state (how much did I owe the state BEFORE payroll deductions)?

     2.  Write WMTSF two checks, one for up to $528 or $1,056 (depending on whether you're single or married) and one for the plus credit for $525 or $1050 and send them to WMTSF,    P.O. Box 2047, Lakeside, AZ 85929

     3.  Send your tax return, along with forms 323 (for the original credit of $528 and $1056 and form 348 (for the plus credit of $525 or $1050) to the Arizona Department of Revenue.



Q.  Isn't the Private School Tax Credit too good to be true?


A. some have questioned the tax credit's validity given our state's public education financial challenges.  To answer questions concerning the tax credit's validity, the legislature contracted with Dr. Charles North of Baylor University whose study found that if the tax credit to private schools were to disappear, the cost to the State of Arizona's public school system would be between $44 million and $186 million.  Thus, the Arizona legislature determined that it is in Arizona's best interest for private schools to continue to thrive.


Q - What criteria are used in awarding scholarships?


A - The White Mountain Tuition Support Board of Directors follows the following criteria in awarding scholarships:

Financial need of the family

Parental involvement at the school

Citizenship and attitude demonstrated by the student and measured by teachers and administrators of the school where the applying child is enrolling



Q.  I've heard the limits this year are odd amounts.  Why?  


A.  The legislature has increased the limits according to inflation.