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White Mountain Tuition Support Foundation is a non-profit, 501©(3) corporation. White Mountain Tuition Support Foundation (WMTSF) is an official STO  (School Tuition Organization) certified by the Department of Revenue for the State of Arizona.  As such, WMTSF is certified to receive tax credit contributions from individual tax payers according to the maximum amounts set by the Arizona State legislature.  The tax credit laws began in January of 1998 and have been through many changes, resulting last year and continuing this year (2018-19) in tax payers having two individual tax credits to claim with the state - the "original" and the "plus" credits.  Please see the brochure on this site for details.


P.O. Box 2047

Lakeside, Arizona 85929


Email: Donate@whitemountaintuition.com


Since you’re at this website, we assume you might want to determine how your tax dollars are spent.  It is so easy to REDIRECT your state taxes to White Mountain Tuition, where every dollar goes to scholarships INSTEAD of to prisons & roads.  Wouldn’t you rather have your hard-earned tax dollars go to scholarships, stay in the White Mountains and support St. Anthony School?  Isn’t it  great that you can stay in control of your taxes and it doesn’t cost you a penny?

Just for illustration, say your tax liability to the state is $1,000.  Over the year, your employer has deducted $800 so you owe $200.  How nice, but wouldn’t it be nicer to help families with tuition?  Keep your tax money in the White Mountains?  Help families send their kids to the school of their choice?    Get your credit card out, call the phone number on your brochure, and charge the $1,000, file your taxes with form 323, get your refund

– the whole $1,000 back (because it’s a CREDIT – not a deduction), and in a couple of weeks, your credit card bill comes and you pay it off!  So you just decided to take your taxes away from the state & instead gave them to White Mountain Tuition.

Let me summarize for you in 3 easy steps:


1) If you have a tax preparer, ask him or her what your tax liability is or look on form 140,  “subtotal of tax”


2) Write a check to WMTSF for that amount OR charge it over the phone.


3) Send your tax return to the state along with the tax credit form(s) 323 and 348


If you have questions, call 928-521-3826 – that phone # is all over this website!

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